Eve Bouchard Discusses Divorce

MARK THUSH: This is Attorney Mark Thush where we ask attorneys and doctors from around the county legal and medical questions that can help you.

Hi everyone today’s guest is Eve Bouchard an attorney practicing in Winter Park, Florida.

EVE BOUCHARD: how you doing today? Fantastic

MARK THUSH: How are you! I’m great Eve and thank you very much for joining us. Hey listen – Today’s question is from Lou in Orlando and he asks “I’m recently divorced and in the event of my untimely death, how can I pass my assets to my minor children without my ex-spouse getting control of the assets?”

That’s a pretty lengthy question but let me ask you this Eve, is a trust an option?

EVE BOUCHARD: A trust can be an option. One of the reasons I say this is because you can select an individual that you trust to manage the assets for the children’s benefit rather than the benefit of your ex-spouse.

MARK THUSH: Is a will an option?

EVE BOUCHARD: A will is not something I would necessary recommend to my clients facing a situation where they could not trust their ex-spouse. There are limitations on what a basic will can achieve when it comes to controlling and protecting your assets.

MARK THUSH: Ok well thank you Eve Bouchard from Winter Park, Florida. Thanks for coming on our show today.

Thank you Mark!

MARK THUSH: I hope you’ve enjoyed our show today. Remember – I’m a personal injury attorney – so if you or someone you know needs my help give me a call – I’m glad to help.

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