Understanding Probate with Eve Bouchard

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Hi everyone today’s guest is Eve Bouchard an attorney practicing in Winter Park, Florida.

EVE BOUCHARD: how you doing today? Fantastic

MARK THUSH: How are you! I’m great Eve and thank you very much for joining us. Hey listen — Today’s question is from Rachael in Baldwin Park and she asks “Probate – What is it and why does everyone want to avoid it?”

MARK THUSH: Question – If I die without a will does my State have a method to dispose of my assets?

EVE BOUCHARD: Answer – If you die without a will or some other form of beneficiary designation, there are laws in place to determine where your assets go.

MARK THUSH: Question– Ok well let me ask you this Eve, would you recommend getting a will to most of your clients?

EVE BOUCHARD: Answer – I recommend getting a will and possibly a complete estate plan if they have specific desires as to who they want to give their assets to go to, how their assets are to be given, or when their assets are to be distributed.

MARK THUSH: Thank you Eve Bouchard from Winter Park, Florida. Thank you Mark!

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