Online Forms For Estate Planning

MARK THUSH: Hey, this is attorney Mark Thush where we ask attorneys and doctors from around the country legal and medical questions that can help you.


MARK THUSH: Hi everyone! Today’s guest is Even Bouchard, an attorney practicing in Winter Park, Florida. Eve, how are you doing today?

EVE BOUCHARD: Really good, Mark. Thank you for inviting me.

MARK THUSH: Hey listen, thanks for being on our show. Today’s question is from Frank in Melbourne and he asked, “Do you recommend using online forms to create my estate plan?” Let me ask you, Eve, can online forms meet the needs and the needs of my loved ones?

EVEN BOUCHARD: Not all trusts are alike. Some trusts have greater protection based on the language used. A cookie cutter form might not meet the unique needs, desires or goals that you and your loved ones have.

MARK THUSH: Ok, well what could possibly go wrong with an online form?

EVE BOUCHARD: The form may not be legally valid, a trust may not be properly funded, the form could be missing essential tag along documents, negative tax consequences could occur and the form might not offer all the protections and options available to you.

MARK THUSH: Thank you, Eve Bouchard from Winter Park, Florida.

EVE BOUCHARD: Thank you, Mark!

MARK THUSH: I hope you’ve enjoyed our show today, and remember, I’m a personal injury attorney so if you or someone you know could use my help, give me a call, I’m glad to help.

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