Treatment After An Accident with Dr. Ingrado

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‘Treatment After An Accident’ featuring special Guest Dr. Nicole Ingrando

MARK THUSH: Hi everyone! Today’s guest is Dr. Nicole Ingrando, a chiropractor with offices in Longwood and Orlando, Florida.

Today’s question is from Patrick and he asks, “I was a passenger in my friends car when we were involved in a car accident. After a few days, my aches and pains have gotten worse and I went to my family doctor. They told me they don’t take my PIP insurance and now I’m not sure where to go.”

Well let me ask you this, Nicole, what type of doctor treats people who have been injured in a car accident?

DR. NICOLE INGRANDO: That’s a great question, Mark. This can vary and can often become confusing for most patients the reason is that our health care industry is desperately lacking a primary care physician for the spine or the muscular-skeletal system as a whole. Since patients in auto accidents complain of whiplash, headaches or other joint problems, most doctors have trouble identifying the proper steps to take when they have been involved in an accident. Most patients end up navigating their own pain care pathway and end up feeling like their in a supermarket of pain services. You only get what that doctor gives rather than what you need. Some primary care doctors treat patients in auto accidents as do chiropractors and hospital emergency departments. Irrespective of where you go the most important initial goal is to have an exam performed and to rule out any serious injuries. We refer to these injuries as red flags.

MARK THUSH: Ok… well must I go to the emergency room before I follow up with another doctor?

DR. NICOLE INGRANDO: You know, Mark, it’s not necessary to go to the emergency room first. Many of the patients I see come to me via a referral from their regular doctor, maybe their family or friends… often I’m the first doctor to see a patient following an accident. The most important thing is to see a doctor in an urgent timely manner and to be evaluated whether you have pain or no pain.

MARK THUSH: Ok… well what if I didn’t have symptoms at the scene of the accident but several days later I felt pain. Who do I go to now?

DR. NICOLE INGRANDO: That’s a great question and it’s common to not have pain at the scene of an accident and then experience it later. Part of this is due to the stress response of the body and part of this is due to the demands of returning to our normal lives after the body has just endured an impact or injury. The healing process is inflammatory and can worsen with time. This is why it is important to be evaluated in an urgent timely manner whether you have pain or not. Even so, any of the doctors we discussed today can evaluate a patient once they start feeling pain and feel an evaluation or exam is necessary.

MARK THUSH: Thank you Dr. Nicole Ingrano with offices in Longwood and Orlando, Florida. Thanks for coming on the show today.

DR. NICOLE INGRANDO: Oh, it’s my pleasure, Mark. Thank you for having me.

MARK THUSH: I hope you’ve enjoyed our show today, and remember, I’m a personal injury attorney so if you or someone you know could use my help, give me a call, I’m glad to help.

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