Understanding Diagnostic Tests with Dr. Nicole Ingrando

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‘Understanding Diagnostic Tests’ featuring special Guest Dr. Nicole Ingrando

MARK THUSH: Hi everyone! Today’s guest is Dr. Nicole Ingrando, a chiropractor with offices in Longwood and Orlando, Florida.

Today’s question is from Amanda and she asks, “I was recently involved in a car accident and my doctor had suggested several different diagnostic tests to determine the extent of my injuries. Can you help me understand what these tests consist of?”

Alright, let me ask you this, Dr. Nicole, what is the purpose of an x-ray?

DR. NICOLE INGRANDO: These are great questions, Mark, the main purpose of an x-ray following a motor vehicle accident is to rule out a fracture of the bones of the spine and other parts of the body affected in the impact. I also order x-rays of the patient moving their spines or moving their necks. This is to make sure that none of the ligaments that should be holding the spine in place haven’t been torn or shifted, now allowing the vertebrae to shift position when you turn your head for instance. This type of instability can be detected on an x-ray and is very common in injuries following whiplash.

There are times when this type of injury does not present as pain more so headaches. Since headaches are common with muscle pain, it’s very important to rule out and an x-ray is a very simple way to accomplish this.

MARK THUSH: Ok, well let me ask you this: What is the purpose of an MRI?

DR. NICOLE INGRANDO: Sure, that’s a great questions. An MRI is used to detect damage or injury to the softer tissues of our body where an x-ray is best used to evaluate the bone or harder tissues of the body. An MRI can detect injuries to the discs of our spine as well as the ligaments, tendens, nerves and other tissues.

MARK THUSH: Ok, let me ask you this one: What is the purpose of a CT scan?

DR. NICOLE INGRANDO: That’s a fantastic question. CT scans, also known as computerized tomography, combine a series of x-ray views taken from different angles and computer processing to create cross-sectional images of the bones and soft tissues inside your body. You can think of this as looking down at a single slice of bread from a loaf. It looks at the bone and soft tissues of the body, and especially in a hospital setting, this will give the doctor feedback on your body as a whole in a very fast manner.

A CT scan has many uses but it’s best and well suited to quickly examine people who many have internal injuries from car accidents or other types of trauma. A CT scan can be used to visualize nearly every part of the body. The levels of radiation involved are the highest with a CT scan and I’m not a fan of the CT scans being used instead of an examination. In times of concern, though, and especially to be safe, the CT is a very trusted tool.

MARK THUSH: Thank you Dr. Nicole Ingrano with offices in Longwood and Orlando, Florida. Thanks for coming on the show today.

DR. NICOLE INGRANDO: It’s my pleasure, Mark. Thank you for having me.

MARK THUSH: I hope you’ve enjoyed our show today, and remember, I’m a personal injury attorney so if you or someone you know could use my help, give me a call, I’m glad to help.

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